Gift Certificates


Gift Certificates are available and the recipient may choose a class or a supper club dinner. Any expectation of a thank-you-home-cooked-meal is reasonable.

PS  This photo is my kitchen, where it all started. Now we’re out in The Coop, a 1,000 square foot renovated (partially, but we’re getting there. Hey, we’re not as young as we used to be!) space with 5 wall ovens, 2 cooktops, and room to move around as we create fabulous meals. Then we all sit down together to taste and compare. Everyone has different taste preferences and I love finding out what students liked the most!

Fall and Winter Classes

From World Curries to Handmade Pasta… check out the Fall/Winter class schedule and join us. Just click on Cooking Classes above. There’s still room this Saturday for our last Supper Club dinner – Mexico!

Check out all of the other pages, but excuse the ones still under construction – Garden Calender in particular, which is proving quite the challenge. The really exciting part of this project, one that began 9 months ago (I do feel like I’ve just given birth), is that I now have my two sites, The Kitchen Garden Cooking School and my blog The Gardener Cook, joined together with the same design (ok – I’ll say it – Brand) and now you can hop back and forth between the two.

The Gardener Cook
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The Kitchen Garden Cooking School
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