Apple Pies

Cooking Classes
Early morning sun and the set up for my Pies and Tarts Class tomorrow. The students will be making a Roasted Vegetable Galette, Blueberry and Pear Hand-Pie, and a Double-Crust Apple Pie. The pears are from my tree in the front yard and some of the apples are from my friend Dan.

This is the last class for 2015, a long year with incredible support from my family and friends. The Casserole Class was attended by some long time “students”:
Joan, Dottie, Tracy and David, Angela, and Roberto.
And I’ve met some wonderful new friends, both inspiring and sweet. A perfect combination.

May you all have a wonderful fall into winter. Happy holidays (don’t forget Gift Certificates). See you next year.

Classes 2016

They’re here – classes for the entire year. Can you believe it’s 2016!
Back in elementary school I calculated I would be 45 (!!!) years old in the year 2000. So cute.

I’ve listed 3 Soup Classes because that’s how many I had to run last year to make everyone happy. It was the runaway favorite, far surpassing the former favorite class – Bread.

We’ll be having just 1 dinner for the supper club this coming year. Indian on October 22nd. I’ll list it later. My brain is swimming in computer code right now. A student last week asked about winter dinners and I explained that I like to do a Farm-To-Table with local produce. It’s also difficult to squeeze in all the classes I’d like to teach. Every other week is a functional schedule for me.

Hope you are all well and that I’ll get to see you in 2016!

Best wishes,